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Software Installation


** Not all software that is supported on Windows 7 will actually run under our security profiles. If the software you are trying to install requires Administrator privileges to run, then it will not work in our environment. All teachers and staff run inside the "Users" profile, and as such do not have access to modify system level files. This is to protect you and the computer from malicious software or damage. **

Request Information Technology Support to Publish your Software

Any software that you need to run on multiple computers, and that is licensed to run on multiple computers, may be published to our network software. In order to have your software published please forward a request to an Instructional Coach. They will review the software and after approval, forward to Information Technology for technology review. The Information Technology department will attempt to publish the software so that it is available in the Get Programs / Advertised Programs control panels.

Software will ONLY be installed based on licensing agreements! Typically that means 1 copy of the software on 1 computer.

Install and Run in Your Local Profile

If you have a piece of software that you would like to run on one of your computers you may want to attempt installation onto your computer using the Local Installation options below.

  1. Navigate to your local Profile directory structure. On Windows 7 click on Start then your User Name found at the top right of the menu. It can also be found by opening My Computer selecting the C driver and navigating to Users - Your User Name.
  2. Create a folder named "Software" or something similar. For each piece of software that you install, you will need to create a new folder inside the "Software" folder. So if you were install a piece of software called "Math Time", you would create a Folder structure that looks like: "Software/Math Time". This is where you will install the software to.
  3. Place the CD/DVD into your DVD-Drive or double click on the installation package.
  4. The software should ask you for the directory to install into. Using the Browse button, navigate to the "Software" folder you created earlier. Finish the installation wizard to start installing your software.
  5. Test your software to ensure it runs properly

If at any time you are prompted for administrator privileges, then that is an indication that your software will not run in our environment.

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