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Frequently Asked Questions on using YouTube for Education

What is YouTube For Schools

YouTube for Schools gives you a way to access educational videos from inside your school network. YouTube for Schools gives schools the ability to access a broad set of educational videos on YouTube EDU and to select the specific videos that are accessible from within your school network.

YouTube EDU is a sub-section of YouTube that contains high-quality educational content. YouTube for Schools is a network setting that, when implemented, allows your school to access the educational content on YouTube EDU while limiting access to non-educational content on is a how-to site that shows you how to use YouTube in the classroom. All filtering and approval is done by YouTube and Google, not your schools administration staff.

What content is available through YouTube for Schools?

YouTube for Schools offers full (and free!) access to YouTube EDU, featuring a broad range of educational content across three learning segments: primary & secondary, college & university, and lifelong learning. Teachers thus have access to an extensive collection of educational videos from Steve Spangler Science to MIT to TEDTalks. Only s that a) meet the YouTube Partner Program threshold of quality and views, b) adhere to our video upload guidelines, and c) have no Terms of Service strikes are included in YouTube EDU. We're also adding new K-12 content daily. Thanks for your continued patience and support.

How can teachers and school administrators propose videos to be officially added to YouTube EDU?

Channels and playlists can be proposed for addition to YouTube EDU by filling in this form. In order to be considered for YouTube EDU, content must come from the channel of an existing YouTube Partner.

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